Knowledge is power!

There will be an array of classes / lectures / presentations aboard the ship to fuel your mind, body and soul. 


Here is a brief description of the various lectures and educational presentations given during the cruise.


During the cruise there will be interesting talks on the wildlife, history and geography of this legendary region.
The talks will take place both on board (with audio-visual support) and on shore.


Patagonia from Ice to Flowers: This is a lecture that shows the evolution of flora after the Glacial Age that once covered more than 60% of the territory, a description of the type of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers that as of today inhabit Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego to Cape Horn.
Magellanic Penguins: This lecture pretends to show the practices and behavior of this peculiar bird, before visiting their colonies we deliver detailed information regarding their migration cycle, arrival to their colonies, nest construction, reproduction, nurture of their chicks and their nutrition.
Informative Progress: Detailed information on next day’s activities, with maps of the route and pictures we inform the passengers about the activities for the following day.
Navigation Route: It is the first lecture that is given to passengers and its objective is to present the region and Patagonia to the world, showing where we are and where we will be going day-by-day on our cruise, places we will visit, climate, suggested clothes for excursions, possible sightings etc…
Darwin in Progress: Tells the story of the visit from this historic notable character through this territory, (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego), where he discovered and studied species, fossils and indigenous groups that served as the basis for his theories that later revolutionized the world.