Shore Excursions – Already included in your cruise fare!

Shore excursions are a wonderful addition to your all vegan adventure cruise. 

Together with Australis, we offer a number of adventurous and informative shore excursions to discover Patagonia’s incredible flora, fauna and geology. All are undertaken in modern Zodiacs, inflatable boats that allow exploration of narrow fjords and shallow bays where larger vessels cannot navigate. Zodiacs are also perfect for Patagonia expeditions on secluded islands, rocky beaches and small piers. In addition to learning about the history and nature of the Fuegian Archipelago, shore excursions are a great opportunity to stretch your legs on guided hikes to secluded waterfalls and the bottom of tidewater glaciers, along pristine beaches and rocky shores, and through primeval sub-polar forest. Whether from the Zodiac boats or on foot, excursions are also an excellent way to observe the marvelous array of animals that live along the waterways of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego — elephant and leopard seals, Andean condors and Caracara falcons, thousands of penguins and scores of other bird species.

We cordially invite you to look over all that awaits you. As you know, anticipation is the best kind of pleasure!