How to get to Punta Arenas, Chile

From Santiago de Chile
You can take a direct flight to Punta Arenas. There are 3 airlines with daily flights.

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With a population of more than six million people, Santiago is one of the largest cities in Latin American. Extend your stay to experience the best of this capital city. From its ski resorts and wine-growing regions, to its cobblestoned plazas, monuments and palaces. Shop for semi-precious lapis stones or try your luck at the Vina del Mar casino. There’s so much to see and eat.
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From Buenos Aires
There are direct flights between Buenos Aires and Punta Arenas.
Alternative: Take a 3-hour flight from Buenos Aires to Rio Gallegos and the a 5-hour bus trip through the Magellanic Pampa, a beautiful, lonely a thoughtful place. It is about 260 kms but 2 customs to go through.